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These are prone to change, okay?


okayyy sooo I’m back since I got my good for nothing laptop working again!! (even though I highly doubt anyone cares) I made a new sim and am in the middle of downloading a bunch of cc because I have nothing..


Look at how cute she is c:

So gorgeous

Ready for day two?

Tell 'em it's good
Tell 'em okay
Don't do a goddamn thing they say


A Simple Edit Action!

I created this simple action and I really like what it does to photos! It gives your screenshots a nice bit if colour and adds some contrast. Feel free to use it how you wish!


»Dropbox« | »Box« | »OneDrive«

Oh, Lord, heaven knows
We belong way down below

The next week or so I won’t be around much because I’m dog sitting for my aunt and she doesn’t have wifi

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It won’t let us fit all our awesomeness in one picture

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This is Halloween, everybody make a scene

I wanna rock this town, rock it inside out!

them lines tho :’c