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These are prone to change, okay?

"Like, red it such a fizzy colour"

And she stole her brothers guitar, maybe she’s not so good after all…

"I need to write this down…"

"Oh… oh! oh…. oh.”

"I can’t believe they bleed blue too…"

"Now if I calibrate the sugar equalizer… maybe screw with he cotton candy density…"

"It sure was nice for Lizzard’s parents to let me get this… and put it in the magic shed…"


"Will they care if I just touch it up? Probably not"

"Now come here…"

Being able to get 12 hours of sleep is a goddamn miracle

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Me: “I’m about to go in game!”

*Stops and looks at some CC downloads real quick*

~Three Hours later~

*Still downloading CC*


Sims 3 University Life: Graffiti Default Override Mod

As I was super incredibly sick through most of December and January, and given a few computer mishaps that I just wasn’t well enough to deal with, I haven’t been online at all since before Christmas and this means I totally bailed on Simblr Secret Santa!  Lame, I know!  So lame.  I’m sorry.  I’m lame (literally and figuratively).  

Well, I had a bunch of images I was working on for wall art CC as my Secret Santa Gift, inspired by my amazing giftee, Neelie217.   So, I really wanted to finish up something great for her, and I’ve wanted a default override mod of the University Life graffiti from the moment I learned how to do default overrides.  Some of these images I started collecting months ago, and some I made in December.  So with the start I had  and a whole bunch of Neelie-inspired images, I went ahead and finished the mod.  (Neelie, I am so sorry you got stuck with me!  I hope this makes up for it. Ihopw you don’t mind my sharing it with everyone, but this is definitely tailored for you!)

For those of you who haven’t seen Neelie’s Tumblr, it is filled with wonderful fantasy images.  Neelie loves Leopards and fantastical animals.  I love leopards and fantastical animals, so I was super excited. Many of the “tags” say Neelie in Simlish, and the other Simlish tags say things like Nooboo and Checkmar and something about dragons.  Art fans and anime fans will find images derived from Monet, Sol Lewitt, Alphonse Mucha, Avatar (the Last Airbender), Miyazaki, Harry Potter references, the Little Prince… and then a bunch of originals.  Random things I found online.  Okapis.  Frida.  And of course there are several leopards, and since I think of felines as being about feminine power, this is a Girl-powered, nature-inspired mod.  

There are quite a few images not pictured here.  I play tested it, and didn’t find anything wrong.  Hopefully I didn’t miss any images.  Feel free to open it up with S3PE, alter the images in any program that can work with DDS, and reimport them. You could make your own mod with this and share.  You could also delete any images you really don’t want by opening it up in S3PE.  It is a large mod (around 31mb!), so if you are concerned about size, that might be wise.  And feel free to throw these images on a mesh for wall-stickers to make non-default CC.  (Neelie, if that would work better for you, give me a shout, and I will see what I can do, my stamina pending).

Place the .package file in the mods/packages folder, as you would any mod.  

Download dropbox here

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year… one of these days I’ll get caught up with what I missed! 

Retextured my first hair! I don’t think it turned out too bad!


"I had to do it"

"Maybe it’s for the best"

"It’s not her I’m worried about"

"As long as she has a child everything will be alright"

"It’s too soon to see"

"Relax love, everything will be alright in the end"

And thus Blizzard became the first teen aware of the cellular devices they’ve mystically had since toddler-dom